Careers in Filmmaking

Sunday, June 11, 2017 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm
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This workshop provides an overview of all the different on set roles in the film and television industry in Toronto. Training programs often prepare students to be writers and directors, but this course is not geared towards those vocations. The film industry is full of other interesting job opportunities, and one of the best ways to get more involved in the industry is by working on set, learning different roles and making connections. Explore the career possibilities available in this informative course with Shannon Foerter. Topics covered include crew categories, volunteering, set etiquette, job search and a discussion on the merits of union membership.


The Introduction to Independent Filmmaking workshop is recommended as a prerequisite.



Shannon Foerter began her career producing commercials, working for a division of the Partner’s Film Company and then freelanced from 2003–2006. In 2007, Shannon made the move to television on the acclaimed series Mayday at Cineflix Productions where she worked as a Production Manager for 10 seasons in 7.5 years. Following Mayday, Shannon production managed Season 5 of Food Factory and Season 1 of Style Factory. Shannon's current works at Alibi Entertainment as an in house Line Producer. Her current projects include a new series for the Food Network as well as 2 international co-production documentaries, including a CBC Nature of Things with David Suzuki. In her spare time, Shannon produced and sold a feature film called Scars, which received a number of awards on the independent film circuit and was picked up for worldwide DVD/VOD release by Wild Eye Releasing in the US in 2016. Shannon aims to shoot her second feature in the summer of 2017.