Discounted Rates for Colour and Digital Cinema Package (DCP) Output Suite


February 15, 2017

From February 15 through May 8, 2017 LIFT will be offering a discounted rental rate for our Colour Finishing and Digital Cinema Package (DCP) Output suite.
Note: Rentals are only available to Production Members.
Sporting a full licence of DaVinci Resolve 12 and easyDCP with full license with Key Delivery Messages (KDM), this powerful MacPro colour correction station with full support up to 5K workflows; includes calibrated 2K Flanders Scientific monitor (XYZ compatible), Avid MC Colour Controller, Avid MC Transport, and an Areca 12TB (mirrored) Thunderbolt RAID storage space.
Discounted Rates: $20 per hour (or) $120 per day
Regular Rates: $35 per hour (or) $250 per day
For inquiries contact the Technical Department directly at tech(at)